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Since the ancient times bath house/sauna has been a place for wellness and regeneration of the body as well as the soul. For Latvians sauna/bath house is a spiritual place of Laima and Māra, and many important traditions are connected with it.

It is believed that comfortable saunas/bath houses were built already in the ancient China, India and Egypt, but our times demand for the old traditions to be supplemented with the qualities suitable for the modern lifestyle.

Your garden, backyard, summerhouse or any other place which is not large enough for a big bathhouse/sauna, will be perfectly suitable for our mini-sauna. It will also fit well by the lakeside, riverside or any other outdoor place you choose. The house is made of 'LEGO type' panels, which enables easy and quick assembly as well as dismantling. MiniSAUNA does not require concrete fundament and it's size is only 4.5m2.

MiniSAUNA is made of Latvian wood. Wrought hinges, wood-burning stove, chimney – all hand-made in Latvia

Made in Latvia.
Build with a double wall
design isolated with ceramic
fiber wool that will protect
the stove from overheating.

Made in Latvia and CE
certified. The chimney is
designed for the
MiniSAUNA with a special
built-in cone to split
the smoke so it could
move up easier.



There are high qualified blacksmiths in Latvia who have managed to save the traditions of this ancient craft. MiniSAUNA has hinges and handles that are forged by our own blacksmiths.


Our carpenters can do anything. Even building a proper age-proven designed bath house door.

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    You maybe live in the mountains or are a mountain tourism guide – MiniSAUNA will make both you and your guests happy after that exhausting trip when they take the MiniSAUNA while looking at the beautiful scenery.


    After a long walk or a successful hunt everybody is tired and you can pleasantly surprise them with a MiniSauna. They will be thankful for the possibility to relax. And they will come back again.

    MiniSAUNA II

    If you have a limited space for a sauna near your house, MiniSAUNA II is the perfect solution – full-featured, but compact and easy to deploy.


    Bath houses have been especially appreciated on the countryside. You will feel like in the olden days when barefooted returning home through the meadow dew.


    You will feel so refreshed after jumping in the river or the lake straight from the MiniSAUNA.


    You have enjoyed gardening all day long in your suburban garden and you can top it off with steaming MiniSAUNA session. What a bliss.




where you wish 4.5 m2

30 min.

and ready

Contact us and Order


Only From 3900 EUR


Placed where you wish - 4.5 m2, easily installed, only 16 screws, 30 min and MiniSAUNA is ready